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Applicant Login

In order to place a bid or view the status of any current or previous bids you have made you must first Login to Pinpoint by selecting the Pinpoint partner landlord you are registered with from the list below and providing the reference number that landlord gave you and also the date of birth of the lead applicant on your application in the format ddmmyyyy. Please note your application may not become live immediately if we require further information.

Applicant Login

Pinpoint partner landlords can login here.

Help (Landlord you are registered with)

This is the Housing Provider you have registered to be re-housed with not necessarily your current landlord. This may be a Local Authority or a Registered Social Landlord. If you are registered with more than one please be sure to use the registration number provided by the Housing provider you select. It is in your interest to use the landlord details you have been registered with for the longest time.

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