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How it Works

How do I register?

You will need to register to be rehoused with one of the Pinpoint partners. This could be your current social landlord or local housing scheme. You can contact your local Council for details of this. This registration will mean you can apply for one Pinpoint property each cycle as well as the properties available through your local scheme. You can also contact private landlords about their properties or contact individual housing associations about their Express properties in additon to your extra bid.

How is Pinpoint different to the service I normally use?

Pinpoint is similar to your local service in that it is a 'choice based lettings' service and you place bids/expressions for properties, but it also gives you more choice in finding your new home.

There are lots of homes on Pinpoint from landlords that manage property in your area and other providers from across the region. As you are already registered through your housing number you can access all of these homes without having to register with any other services.

Pinpoint also offers a range of bidding choices:

There are properties which are advertised on a weekly cycle, and you can bid on properties from other regions' housing services even when your cycle is closed.

There are also properties which are advertised on a daily cycle, from midday to the following midday, to offer you even more choice.

Express properties, which are similar to the Homes Available Now or First Come First Served properties on local housing service sites, are advertised until they are let and all you have to do is call or e-mail the housing association directly to register your interest.

  • In addition Pinpoint advertises properties from landlords in the private sector, many of whom accept Local Housing Allowance.
Where are the properties advertised?

Available properties will be selected to be advertised through Pinpoint from all over Greater Manchester. They are advertised here on this website.

Properties are divided into three main sections, Choice Based Lettings (properties you bid for), Pinpoint Express and Private Rented. For more information on Pinpoint Express please click here

How do I apply for a property?

Look through the available properties on the website. When you find one you are interested in, we suggest you know or visit the area before expressing an interest and check to make sure you meet the criteria for that property. Criteria may be for a family or single person or other household make up. You will be asked to confirm your household make up when you apply for a property. If you don’t meet the criteria it will be rejected, as your details will be confirmed later that day against information you have provided to one of our partners.

If it is a Choice Based Lettings property you can place a bid on it, if it is an Express or Private Landlord property there are contact details on the advert and you can call or e-mail them directly.

How do I log in to Pinpoint?

You will need three pieces of information to log in:


Your 'landlord' for the purposes of logging into Pinpoint is the organisation which is managing your rehousing application, such as Homes for Bolton, not necessarily the housing association that manages the property that you live in now or who manages homes in your area.

If you are registered with Manchester Move please ensure that you have selected 'Manchester' as your landlord rather than the individual housing association that is handling your application.

2) LOG IN:

This is your rehousing registration number


Unless you have changed it, your password is the date of birth of the lead applicant, keeping the format ddmmyyyy.

If you have any problems logging in to the website please contact the team who is managing your rehousing application - details are on the 'Our Partners' page of this website.

There is a problem when I try to log in, who do I contact?

There is advice in the above question 'How do I log in to Pinpoint?' which may help you if you are having trouble logging in.

It may be a browser issue - try typing in the address www.pinpoint.org.uk into your search engine rather than using a 'favourite' link.

If you continue to experience issues with logging in you will need to contact the case holding team which manages your application - this may be a local authority housing scheme, a housing association or a registered social landlord.

Your case holding team will then contact Pinpoint on your behalf to resolve the query but in the meantime you can browse the site for advice and can also register your interest in any Pinpoint Express or Private Rented properties that you would like to live in.

What does Choice Based Lettings mean?

Choice Based Lettings is a transparent method for allocating social housing in which home seekers play a proactive part. Rather than being placed on a waiting list and allocated a social home which may not be appropriate or desirable for them, applicants ‘bid’ or 'express an interest' for available properties advertised by the local authority or housing scheme. The successful applicant is the first eligible bidder with the greatest priority, according to the Local Authority’s allocation policy.

Pinpoint advertises many properties in this way and because there are a number of local authorities and housing schemes advertising homes across the city whose bidding cycles close on different days, applicants are able to bid for properties even if their own scheme has closed for processing.

Pinpoint also offers a 24 hour Choice Based Lettings cycle where properties are advertised from midday and close the next day at midday. This allows customers to bid more than once in a week should they be interested in more than one property.


What does Add a Bid mean?

This means you want to put forward an interest in a property we have advertised. When you Add a Bid you are then placed on a shortlist for that property. Your position on this shortlist will depend on your Pinpoint Band and your date of registration. You must meet the criteria for the property you are interested in. However you will be able to apply for another property anytime after the published closing date.

How many bids do I have?

You can have one active bid at any one time. So if a property closes on a Tuesday at 4pm you will be able to bid on something else from 4pm on the Tuesday.

You cannot have more than one bid at once on a property being advertised but with so many landlords advertising on the site the cycles open and close each day so you have lots of opportunities to place bids.There are properties which are advertised on a long cycle - usually about a week - and properties on a 24 hour cycle, from midday to the following midday. Plus you can always contact landlords directly as well about Express or private rented properties to give you extra opportunities.

Depending on who you are registered with you may be able to bid on their Choice Based Lettings scheme as well - This is as well as your bids with Pinpoint. So for example if you are registered with Rochdale HomeChoice you will be able to have 3 bids per week on HomeChoice PLUS your bids on Pinpoint.

What are Homes for Bolton properties?

Homes for Bolton is a choice based lettings website which advertises properties for customers who have registered for rehousing in Bolton.  Their customers can express interest on Homes for Bolton and Pinpoint properties all in one place.

The properties advertised on this service will be very clearly marked and look different to regular Pinpoint adverts.

Only applicants who have a membership with Homes for Bolton will be eligible for these choice based lettings properties. 

All applicants can contact landlords regarding Homes for Bolton's 'Homes Available Now' which are listed with Pinpoint Express properties.

How do you decide who is successful for a Choice Based Letting Property?

When you express interest in (make a bid on) a property, a shortlist is created of everyone who is interested in that home.

This list is based on the Band (see more about bands in What band am I in for Pinpoint and why?) and if more than one person have the same band then the date you registered with your partner landlord is taken into account. 

The person with the highest band and/or longest registration date and who meets the criteria for the property is the person who is likely to be offered the property. However the landlord will still carry out checks and references.

How do I know if I will be offered a property I have applied for?

The landlord for that property will contact you by telephone, e-mail or letter making an initial offer of the property. It is vitally important that you ensure that your contact details are correct before you confirm your bid as if they are out of date you may miss out on the offer. You will be able to view the property before you accept it.

How do I find out about my bids?

You can check your previous bids 24 hours a day on your account, just select 'Bids' from the yellow toolbar and you can see the results any previous expressions you have made, even if you deleted your bid before the advert closed.

You will be able to see if you have been made any provisional offers or whether you were unsuitable (bypassed) for the property.

If you have any queries about a bid please contact the housing association who manages the property for more details.



What checks are made and what references do I need?

The landlord will advise you what they need from you before they confirm the property is definitely yours. This could include a reference from your landlord or employer, housing benefit form or other details. If you require further information please contact your local housing service.

How do I get help to register & apply for a property?

Contact your landlord or local housing scheme for information and advice.

What are Express properties?

Express properties are homes that are available quickly. Your local housing scheme may have something similar, such as the Homes Available Now service offered by Homes for Bolton.

Instead of bidding online you contact the housing association directly to express your interest in the property - the contact details are on the advert and are usually a telephone number or an e-mail address. if you are successful you will be asked to provide more details to the landlord, such as copies of ID and references from your former landlord, and in some cases you will have to register with that organisation before you sign up.

They are allocated on a first come first served basis so the first eligible applicant will be considered for this home. If they refuse the property, it will be offered to the next person who has contacted the landlord.

They are advertised throughout the week so keep an eye out for these homes as once they are gone, they are gone!

What band am I in for Pinpoint and why?

You have been placed in a Pinpoint band decided by your housing provider. When you registered with one of our partners you will have had an assessment of your housing need. This places you in one of the following bands, Band A, Band B, or a Band C. Please click here for more details (documentation in pdf format Adobe Reader required).

Band A is highest, then Band B then Band C.

If you would like information on why you are in a Pinpoint Band you will need to contact the partner you are registered with.

What do I do if I am homeless?

You need to go to your local Homeless Welfare service. Contact your local authority for help.

How do I comment, compliment or complain?

Contact your landlord or local housing scheme. Alternatively, we are carrying out a Customer Survey. Please click on the link on the right hand side of the home page to tell us what you think!

What is an accredited property?

Pinpoint advertises homes from landlords in the private sector, some of which are accredited by the local authority. Those that are accredited are identified on the advert.

Accreditation is the voluntary compliance by private landlords with good standards in the condition and management of their properties and their relationship with their tenants.

Tenants whose landlords are members of accreditation schemes benefit from knowing that their accommodation will be of a good quality and well managed. However you should still make sure that you check all of the details properly for any property you rent.

You can ready the Government's guidance on 'How to Rent' here

If you have any queries relating to the accreditation of properties and landlords you should contact the relevant local authority for more information.

Why are the closing dates different for each landlord?

Each landlord has a different advertising cycle depending on their local scheme or property requirements. Many properties are advertised over one week but some are on a 24 hour cycle (midday to midday) so keep checking the site for new updates. There will be a closing date on each property advertised.

You can express interest at any point before the cycle closes. Please be sure to check the closing date of the property you are interested in. The Pinpoint Service allows you to express interest in one property per cycle. This means that when the date for that particular cycle has passed you may make another expression of interest for another property.

What happens when I am made an offer for a property advertised on Pinpoint?

If you are made an offer of a property you will be contacted by the landlord/housing association who manages it and will be informed that you have been considered for a tenancy.

If you have placed a bid they will contact you through the details you leave when confirming the bid on Pinpoint so it is vital that these contact details are up to date.

If you have left your details for a private landlord or Express property they will contact you in response to your enquiry.

All offers are subject to a number of checks so please make sure that the tenancy has been confirmed by the new landlord/housing association before you terminate your current arrangement, as there are occasions when offers have to be withdrawn or essential repairs may extend the time until you can move in.

If you have any queries relating to offers always contact the organisation that made you the offer.

What is the LHA Calculator?

LHA - Local Housing Allowance - is the amount of money that the government will contribute towards your rent if you claim housing benefit in the private sector.

This calculator will allow you to find out how much money you may be able to claim towards the rent of your property and will enable you to make a choice about which properties to express interest in.

What is Find A Room?

Find A Room is a service where tenants of participating social landlords can advertise any spare rooms they have for people to lodge in. All the information will be on the advert and anyone who is interested will deal exclusively with the tenant who is advertising the room, not the housing association who manages the property. For more details click here

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