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LHA Calculator

This page is to help you find out what the Housing Allowance rates for properties are based on your circumstances. You will need to follow the instructions below to find out what Housing Allowance rates are for properties.

1. Select the Local Authority Area that the property is in.
2. Select which BRMA level the property belongs to - For some Local Authorities there is more than one BRMA level so you may need to check this.
3. Enter in the details for who is moving with you.
4. Click on the Calculate button at the bottom of the page and the rates will be displayed.
Broad Rental Market Area
The BRMA is the Broad Rental Market Area that the property you are looking at is in. To find out which area this is please enter the postcode for the property you are considering into this website: https://lha-direct.voa.gov.uk/search.aspx
LHA Allowance
If you have children aged between 10-15 (inclusive) please state how many children are boys and how many are girls below.

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