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From this website, you can:

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• Once logged in please select Edit Application. This will take you through to the online application form. It's important you take the time to go through the form and answer all questions which are incomplete.

• If you don't answer these, your application will be deemed incomplete and you'll be unable to express interest until you've answered the mandatory questions.


  • NEW! If you have a support officer or advocate and you would like us to contact them please enter their details on the 'Further Details' section of the application. For help on how to edit this, please contact us on 01204 335811 or email homesforbolton@bolton.gov.uk
    Local Housing Allowance changes



Shared Ownership Scheme - Mottram Street, Horwich

2 and 3 bed homes for sale with Plumlife and Moss Care St Vincents. For more details please click here (pdf poster)



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  - View our frequently asked questions or

  - Call our team on 01204 335811 or

  - Email homesforbolton@bolton.gov.uk 

If you can't remember your password it will default to the main applicant's date of birth.

Make sure you're registered with Homes for Bolton and use your current reference number as your login number. Once you're logged in, you will be able to edit your application and place bids for Homes for Bolton and Pinpoint properties. 

Some landlords may request one or two weeks rent in advance when signing up for a property, further details regarding this can be sought from the individual landlord.

Landlords will also require references to be provided if you are offered a property, it is important that these are readily available where possible.


THIS WEEK'S HOMES FOR BOLTON ADVERT (pdf format) please click HERE





Welfare reform criteria

• Household size criteria within Homes for Bolton property adverts is an indication only. Preference will usually be   given to those who will not under-occupy under Welfare Reform size criteria which accounts for age, gender and relationships of persons within a household.

• This will usually apply in all cases whether the household is in receipt of benefits or not.

• Landlords may also carry out an affordability test.


Preventing you from becoming Homeless 

We will provide help, advice and support to prevent you from becoming homeless, wherever possible. If you're at risk of becoming homeless the most important thing is to get advice as soon as possible. There may be things that can be done to prevent you losing your home and becoming homeless.

See further information about help available.



Need some housing advice?

We can give you advice and assistance on a variety of housing issues including:

   - Renting accommodation from private landlords and registered providers 
   - Housing Benefits - advice on entitlement and assistance with queries
   - Relationship Breakdown - housing options
   - Advice to all tenants and private landlords in relation to security of tenure, rights and obligations, rent,
     harassment, threat of eviction, repairs, legal procedure for seeking possession
   - Homelessness or homeless prevention - advice on your rights and different housing options. Homeless
     interventions to help prevent you from losing your home.
   - Referral to certain temporary accommodation schemes
   - Bolton Bond Board Scheme - A non-cash deposit guarantee scheme to help people who are homeless and on a
     low income or benefits, to secure private rented accommodation

Further housing advice information.



Policy and Development

Read our policies.

Data Protection Statement click here.

Homes for Bolton terms and conditions.

Mutual Exchange or Homeswapper

If you're interested in a mutual exchange, please visit www.homeswapper.co.uk 

Further information

Homes for Bolton and our partners provide a wide range of services see more information.

Some landlords may request one weeks rent in advance, further details can be sought from the individual landlord. Landlords will also require references to be provided at point of offer, it is important that these are readily available where possible.

Shortlists may not be available immediately after the closing date, on some occasions they may be available later.

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